Pigalog 2017 Page 191 Spill Control

Multi-Flex Inflatable Pipe Plug - Expands up to eight times its size to fit a wide range of pipe dimensions. Small, flexible design can be snaked through hot tap or branch pipes into larger, otherwise inaccessible pipelines Pipe plug inflates up to eight times its size to prevent the flow of liquids during repairs or to block pipes or drains in the event of a spill (connects to your air compressor) Conforms to a wide range of pipe dimensions; inflate fully or partially to fit your application UV-resistant, nylon-reinforced nitrile resists oils and has a shelf life of more than ten years Compact for storage and grab-and-go applications Brass valve (TLS178) maintains air pressure inside pipe plug so hose and air source can be disconnected and used elsewhere u Helps you comply with Stormwater Regulations NOTE: Seal may not be airtight. Not recommended for pressure tests. Use compressed air supply to inflate plug and block liquid. Add an optional monitoring valve to retain air pressure. PLR112 TLS178 When deflated, a Multi-Flex Plug slides into just about any pipe. Three models cover a range of pipes from 3.5" to 24". Durable polyurethane plug forms a liquidtight , chemical-resistant seal in seconds Wedge plug in drain; easy alternative to cement Installed plug is low-profile enough to fit below floor grate Allows your drain to function when plug is out; removes easily with hand tools Conical drain plugs available in sizes from 2"-6" Kit (PLR207) contains three sizes to seal drains from 2" to 4" in diameter Helps you comply with SPCC and Stormwater Regulations PLR252 PLR208 PLR209 PLR210 PLR281 Drain plug (PLR281) fits right underneath your drain cover. 3 1 /2" Multi-Flex Inflatable Pipe Plug Item # 1+ PLR113 For 6" to 24" Dia. Pipes 10 PSI Max 2" MNPT To 1/2" Quick Connect Inflation Port $1191 PLR112 For 5.5" to 16" Dia. Pipes 20 PSI Max 2" MNPT To 1/2" Quick Connect Inflation Port $779 PLR111 For 3.5" to 8" Dia. Pipes 30 PSI Max 1" MNPT To 1/4" Quick Connect Inflation Port $435 Pressure Monitoring Valve for Multi-Flex Inflatable Pipe Plugs (Specify Size: .5" or .25"; Add $12 to price shown for .5") Item # 1+ TLS178 $119 BEST SELLER! Conical Drain Plug Seal drains below the grate without the hassle or permanence of cement. See note on page 179 for more details on compatibility and life expectancy. PIG Conical Drain Plug Item # 1-4 5+ PLR252 For 6" Dia. Drains $161 $156 PLR210 For 4" Dia. Drains $72 $68 PLR281 For 3.5" Dia. Drains $68 $60 PLR209 For 3" Dia. Drains $71 $66 PLR208 For 2" Dia. Drains $56 $50 PIG Conical Drain Plug Kit Item # 1+ PLR207 For 2" to 4" Dia. Drains $219 PLR207 Contents (1) 2" Dia. Conical Drain Plug (1) 3" Dia. Conical Drain Plug (1) 4" Dia. Conical Drain Plug BEST SELLER! Spill Control Universal Drain Plugs 191 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com

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