Pigalog 2017 Page 190 Spill Control

190 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Heavy-duty boom is durable, reusable and moldable (not 100% watertight) Great for controlling and directing water from pressure washing operations (not for long-term containment of liquids) High-visibility orange dike helps prevent trips and falls during washdowns Convenient valve for quick filling and emptying Helps you comply with SPCC and Stormwater Regulations Sacks contain superabsorbent polymer powder that swells on contact with water to form a solid, heavy barrier Dry, unactivated product is lightweight , compact and easy to handle; place in flood-prone areas Sandless Sandbags can be stacked up to three rows high or higher; a pyramid shape allows higher retaining walls Flood Barriers are longer and ideal for stopping water in front of entrances and dock doors PLR260 PLS2005 Drain the water and roll it up for compact storage. PIG Water-Filled Containment Dike Item # 1+ PLR260 9.5"W x 50'L x 3"H 1 each $315 PLR266 9.5"W x 25'L x 3"H 1 each $189 PLR225 4.5"W x 10'L x 2"H 1 each $84 Water-Filled Containment Dike - Contain liquids with a roll-up dike. Spill Control Water Barriers Quick Dam Barriers - The lightweight alternative to heavy sandbags. PLS1710 Sandbags sold six bags per unit. 18 bags shown above. Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags Item # 1-9 10+ PLS1710 12"W x 24"L x 0.25"H 6 each $46 $44 Quick Dam Flood Barrier Item # 1-9 10+ PLS1713 9"W x 206"L x 0.25"H 1 each $45 $43 PLS1712 9"W x 122"L x 0.25"H 1 each $29 $28 PLS1711 9"W x 62"L x 0.25"H 2 each $29 $28 Saltwater Notice: Not for use with saltwater flooding. BEFORE water contact: Flat sacks are easy to handle. AFTER water contact: Sacks swell up to 32 lbs. each. Fill these durable 10 mil polyurethane tubes with water to divert floodwaters Reusable , compact and lightweight for storage, with dual chambers to prevent water curb from rolling PLS2008, PLS2009 and PLS2010 deploy up to 10"H when filled with water; PLS2005, PLS2006 and PLS2007 deploy up to 6.5"H when filled with water Quick Dam Water Curb - Contain, control and divert floodwaters. Quick Dam Water Curb Item # 1-3 4+ PLS2010 38"W x 20'L x 10"H Capacity 700 gal. $434 $413 PLS2009 38"W x 10'L x 10"H Capacity 350 gal. $289 $273 PLS2008 38"W x 5'L x 10"H Capacity 175 gal. $191 $182 PLS2007 23.5"W x 20'L x 6.5"H Capacity 160 gal. $262 $249 PLS2006 23.5"W x 10'L x 6.5"H Capacity 80 gal. $177 $168 PLS2005 23.5"W x 5'L x 6.5"H Capacity 40 gal. $121 $115 NEW!

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