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Who wants a rug that slips, slides and bunches up? Watch how Grippy stays where it's put: newpig.com/grippymatvideo EXPERT ADVICE Mats won't bunch, curl or slide, thanks to our exclusive full-coverage adhesive backing. MAT32100 MAT1625 " It sticks and stays in place under foot traffic, carts and dolly traffic. I'm able to walk, work and restock shelving safely and productively without having to worry about tripping over loose or bunched-up mats." - Greg V. MAT32100 Customer "stays in place under foot traffic, carts." Absorbents Universal Absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water PIG Grippy Absorbent Mat Pads Weight Item # Size Unit Abs. Up To 1-2 3-6 7+ Medium MAT3200 16"W x 24"L 10 pads 1 gal./box $36 $34 $32 PIG Grippy Absorbent Mat Rolls Weight Item # Size Unit Abs. Up To 1-2 3-6 7+ Medium MAT32100 32"W x 100'L 1 roll 10.5 gal./roll $224 $216 $209 MAT3250 32"W x 50'L 1 roll 5.25 gal./roll $125 $122 $119 MAT3210 32"W x 10'L 5 mats/roll 5.25 gal./roll $128 $125 $122 MAT3205 32"W x 5'L 10 mats/roll 5.25 gal./roll $128 $125 $122 MAT1650 16"W x 50'L 1 roll 2.63 gal./roll $57 $55 $53 MAT1625 16"W x 25'L 1 roll 1.31 gal./roll $32 $30 $28 MAT3251 32"W x 40"L 1 roll .35 gal./roll $20 Patent Pending BEST SELLER! 19 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Line your counters with Grippy Absorbent Mat for a spill-soaking surface that won't shift or slide. Look inside our exclusive Grippy Absorbent Mat. Spunbond top layer stands up to traffic; dark color hides grime. Zigzag stitching adds strength. Eight layers of fine-fiber polypropylene absorb oils, coolants, solvents and water. Poly backing stops liquid from passing through to floors. Fully coated adhesive backing holds tight but peels up easily. MAT1625 MAT32100 PIG Grippy Absorbent Mats Notice : PIG Grippy Absorbent Mats are formulated to work with most common industrial and commercial floor surfaces but are not intended for home/residential use and wood flooring. All adhesive mats have some potential to leave residue or lift or discolor finish coatings, paint, and loose or predamaged tiles depending on the condition and age of the floor surface. If you have questions about the suitability of PIG Grippy Absorbent Mats for your application, test a 6" x 6" piece in a noncritical area before use. PIG Grippy Absorbent Mats should be replaced if they become saturated or show signs of wear or damage. CUSTOMER ASSUMES THE RISK THAT A NEW PIG ADHESIVE-BACKED MAT MAY DAMAGE OR ALTER CUSTOMER'S EXISTING FLOORING OR FLOOR COVERING. NEW PIG PROVIDES NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NO WARRANTY THAT THE USE OF AN ADHESIVE-BACKED MAT WILL BE ACCEPTABLE FOR USE IN THE CUSTOMER'S FACILITY. NEW PIG SHALL HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR, AND CUSTOMER HEREBY RELEASES AND DISCHARGES NEW PIG FROM, ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES TO CUSTOMER'S FLOORS, FLOORING MATERIAL, OR ANY OTHER SURFACES IN CUSTOMER'S FACILITY. CUSTOMER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING THE FITNESS AND APPROPRIATENESS OF THE USE OF A NEW PIG ADHESIVE-BACKED MAT IN CUSTOMER'S FACILITY.

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