Pigalog 2017 Page 186 Spill Control

PIG Build-A-Berm Barriers can be constructed into a semipermanent, high-visibility barrier that's exactly the size and shape you need - indoors or out Pliable open-cell foam barrier springs back into shape after you walk or roll over it with light, wheeled equipment (see drive-over version on page 189) Durable, 18 oz. vinyl covering resists oils, coolants and most chemicals Contain leaks and spills around your machinery without building expensive concrete curbs or cutting angle iron For best sealing results, secure to a smooth, sealed surface Kit (PLR222, PLR511) includes straight sections, corners and Sili-Thane sealant; create any length or configuration Helps you comply with SPCC and Stormwater Regulations Add these components to your layout: Corners let you create liquidproof junctions; join two Build-A-Berm sections at a 90-degree angle Vented corner prevents seam rupture by letting air escape during a cart driveover Wall end seals flush against the floor and wall for a seepage- free connection Drain plug lets you drain your barrier with any standard garden hose Open-cell foam interior springs back into shape after you walk on it or roll over it with a hand cart. PLR264 186 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Build-A-Berm Barrier Configure a barrier to fit your leak-prone area. 2"H PLR264 1 /2"H PLR278 4"H PLR258 6"H PLR276 Available in four heights! BEST SELLER! EXCLUSIVE! PLR222 Install a 2"H barrier around machines to keep leaks and drips away from walkways. Spill Control Build-A-Berm Barriers

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