Pigalog 2017 Page 174 Spill Control

PLR601 Helps you meet spill plan requirements without buying more cover than you need Specially designed to work in emergency spill applications; mount on a wall (bracket sold separately) or store in a spill kit Polypropylene top layer prevents drain cover from stretching or tearing when you pick it up; cover resists chemicals, oils and detergents Super-sealing urethane bottom layer creates a tight seal Packaged in an easy-open, hi-viz storage tube so workers can find it fast and get to the spill Storage tube (included) is for indoor use only ; for outdoor storage, use PLR700, sold on opposite page Add a Wall-Mount Bracket (BKT102, BKT100) for easier access and faster response Helps you comply with SPCC and Stormwater Regulations DRAIN PROTECTION THAT WON'T DRAIN YOUR BUDGET. 174 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Rapid Response DrainBlocker Drain Cover Our most affordable cover helps you meet regs. Problem: Some customers don't need all the bells and whistles of a DrainBlocker that's designed for repeated use, long-term deployment or vehicle traffic. Finding the solution: There's no sense in buying a Lamborghini and only keeping it in the garage. So we wanted to offer a more affordable drain cover for limited-use situations. Something that just covered the basics, like protecting drains in emergencies and helping facilities comply with SPCC regs. We ended up with a finished product made from our highest-quality urethane for a classic PIG seal. It's thinner and costs less, but there's nothing cheap about it! Problem solved: PIG Rapid Response DrainBlocker Spill Control DrainBlocker Drain Covers

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