Pigalog 2017 Page 170 Spill Control

PLR403 Patented two-layer design seals tight to protect drains and won't rip. Guaranteed. Use cover for quick spill response or long-term, outdoor deployment without worrying about degradation Vinyl composite top layer resists stretching, ripping and tearing DuPont Elvaloy technology provides lifelong flexibility plus chemical, UV and infrared light resistance to vinyl top Super-sealing urethane bottom layer conforms to uneven surfaces and tightly seals drain openings to block liquid Cover withstands prolonged exposure to diesel fuel and gasoline , even when completely submerged Ideal for drain protection where liquid transfers, washdowns or other leak- and spill-prone jobs are common High-visibility yellow top layer draws attention to spills for increased safety Helps you comply with SPCC and Stormwater Regulations OTHER COVERS CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT. DRAINBLOCKERS ARE UV TOUGH! 170 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. TOP 10 BEST SELLER! EXCLUSIVE! DrainBlocker Drain Cover Our patented design protects drains, seals tight and won't rip. Problem: Our original DrainBlocker used to work great for spill response: seal the drain, pick it up, use it again. The problem was that people would leave it outside for weeks and it would become gooey. Or it would tear when they picked it back up. Finding the solution: We wanted to come up with a top cover that could withstand long-term outdoor use and keep the urethane layer from tearing when customers pulled it off the drain. We created 15 different versions before we had the best combination. The next step was fusing the layers together. We ultimately patented a way to bond a rugged layer of DuPont Elvaloy vinyl with our super-sealing urethane to create the toughest, most weather- and UV-resistant drain cover on the market. Problem Solved: PIG DrainBlocker Drain Cover Vinyl top with DuPont Elvaloy technology Super-sealing urethane bottom Spill Control DrainBlocker Drain Covers

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