Pigalog 2017 Page 164 Wipers & Rags

164 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Washed Sorted for printing P W Compression packed C FEATURES KEY All new rags are screened to assure material quality and performance Strict material and size requirements mean more usable, high-quality rags Eco- and cost-friendly rags are made from factory mill ends of new cotton and cotton- blend T-shirt material, 100% terry cotton washcloth seconds , and new terry foodservice-style towels White and colored T-shirts are a durable, low-lint material ideal for staining, polishing and general wiping WIP578 and WIP581 are from white terry washcloth seconds and white terry towels and are ideal for foodservice work WIP518 rags are made from new foodservice towels, washed, scratch-free, and have stitched edging Rags are packed in compression bags that take up half the space of loosely packed boxes, and sturdy cardboard boxes with handles (WIP588, WIP589) WorkWipes New Material Rags - All rags are new, 100% usable and have many material, size and package options. WIP555 WIP589 WIP581 WorkWipes Rags in Box Item # Material Features lbs./bag 1-2 3-6 7+ WIP588 New White T-Shirt P M W C 25 lbs. $72 $68 $64 WIP589 New Colored T-Shirt P M W C 25 lbs. $39 $37 $36 WorkWipes New Material Rags in Bags Item # Material Features lbs./bag 1-2 3-6 7+ WIP555 White T-Shirt P W C 25 lbs. $72 $68 $64 WIP554 White T-Shirt P W C 10 lbs. $32 $31 $30 WIP559 Colored T-Shirt P W C 25 lbs. $39 $37 $36 WIP578 White Terry Washcloth Seconds P W C 20 lbs. $63 $59 $51 WIP581 White Terry Towel P W C 20 lbs. $70 $66 $63 WIP518 Foodservice Towel P W C 8 lbs. $36 $34 $31 BEST SELLER! Wipers Shop Rags

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