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162 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. WorkWipes Rags - Screened, sized and Compression-packed bags take up half the space of loosely packed boxes. All 10 lb. bags feature a built-in handle, so they're easy to carry. Rags dispense right from the bag! Strict material and size requirements mean more usable, high-quality rags in every package All rags are double scanned for metallic content and screened for printing , so you never have to worry about contamination or poor performance Eco- and cost-friendly rags are made from recycled, postconsumer materials Choose white colored material for use with solvents , which might cause colored rags to bleed Poly bags are compression packed to take up half the space of loosely packed boxes; plus no heavy packaging added into the final weight Cardboard boxes provide neat storage, stacking and dispensing with handles for easy transportation; some offer compression packaging for space savings (see ordering information) Pick from eight reclaimed options: T-shirts are durable, laundered, low-lint cotton; ideal for staining, wiping, polishing Refreshed T-shirts are washed and scented to remove odors and stains Sweatshirts are thick, absorbent cotton and cotton blends for softness and strength; ideal for heavy-duty wiping Surgical huck is colorfast, low lint and sanitized; 100% cotton for glass cleaning Denim has no rivets or zippers, great for heavy-duty wiping and absorbing oil; ideal for high-temperature worksites Flannel is durable, absorbent, soft, nonscratching cotton and cotton blends; for general wiping Healthcare linen is low-lint and laundered for staining, wiping and polishing Hospital blankets are soft, absorbent, thoroughly washed and sanitized; ideal for polishing and cleaning Eco-friendly rags are made from reclaimed post- consumer materials and conveniently packaged. Personal-sized packs in WIP519 and WIP520 feature a slide closure for easy access to rags. All boxes feature built-in handles and an opening for easy dispensing. WIP550 WIP560 WIP531 BEST SELLER! Wipers Shop Rags

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