Pigalog 2017 Page 154 Wipers & Rags

WIP155 WIP154 WIP150 WIP153 154 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Wipers Medium-Duty Tough and absorbent plus low cost per toss Use in shops, garages and plants with brake fluid, antifreeze, grease, oils and many more liquids Ideal for low-cost daily maintenance (not recommended for long-term contact with solvents) Embossed surface grabs grime with backup from two-ply tissue and hidden nylon scrim Quickly absorbs oils, grease and water Made of nonwoven cellulose soft enough to wipe hands and face Great for general cleanup , machine wipedowns and small workstation spills WIP216 WIP218 WIP150 Surface is embossed to pick up grime. WIP218 WIP229 Nonwoven cellulose is soft enough for hands and face. PR 35 MEDIUM DUTY PR 35 MEDIUM DUTY PR35 Maintenance Wipers - Here's the low-lint, nylon scrim- reinforced answer for use-and-toss wiping. PR35 Parched Piggy Wipers - You'll love the extra thickness, softness and absorbency. PIG PR35 Parched Piggy Wipers Style Item # Color Wipers/Unit; # Units Total Wipers Size 1-2 3-6 7+ 1/4-Fold WIP150 White 50/pack; 18 packs 900 11.5"W x 13"L $83 $78 $72 Pop-up WIP154 White 75/box; 12 boxes 900 9"W x 16"L $91 $86 $81 Center-pull Roll WIP155 White 500/box; 1 box 500 9"W x 12"L $36 $34 $31 WIP153 White 277/roll; 4 rolls 1,108 8"W x 13"L $67 $64 $61 PIG PR35 Maintenance Wipers Style Item # Color Wipers/Unit; # Units Total Wipers Size 1-2 3-6 7+ Roll WIP229 White 275/roll; 6 rolls 1,650 9.75"W x 12"L $79 $75 $71 1/4-Fold WIP218 Blue 50/pack; 20 packs 1,000 12"W x 13"L $67 $64 $61 Pop-up WIP216 Blue 150/box; 6 boxes 900 9"W x 17"L $80 $77 $72 BEST SELLER!

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