Pigalog 2017 Page 151 Wipers & Rags

USING SOLVENTS? You could be Thanks to the EPA's Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Management Rule (40 CFR 261.4), you could eliminate some red tape at your facility. Properly managed wipes with no free liquids could be haz waste exempted (depending on the solvent) - meaning less paperwork and lower shipping costs for you. Take a step toward exemption by using PIG Latching Drum Lids (see pages 312-319) to help meet closed container regs. Questions on the Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Reg? Call our Tech Team at 1-800-HOT-HOGS! DRM659 HAZ WASTE EXEMPTED! Wipers Medium-Duty Tough and absorbent plus low cost per toss WorkWipes Series 40 Wipers - Soft, absorbent wipers are a solid value. WypAll L40 Wipers - You can use these wipers for a variety of daily tasks. Good for wiping up grease, oils and small spills or for cleaning parts and tools Absorbent with clothlike softness for wiping hands and face Binder is forced deep into the soft cellulose fibers for extra strength DRC (Double Recreped Cellulose) construction provides medium absorption and strength for general-purpose wiping Chemical binder increases strength while maintaining absorbency Top-of-the-line limited-use wiper Cellulose fibers are soft enough for hands and face. PR: WIP5701 WIP642 WIP5790 WIP5701 WIP640 PR 40 MEDIUM DUTY PR 40 MEDIUM DUTY WorkWipes Series 40 Wipers Style Item # Color Wipers/Unit; # Units Total Wipers Size 1-2 3-6 7+ Pop-up WIP642 White 72/box; 12 boxes 864 15.875"W x 8"L $83 $80 $75 Jumbo Roll WIP641 White 600/roll; 1 roll 600 11.812"W x 13.25"L $68 $64 $61 1/4-Fold WIP640 White 30/pack; 32 packs 960 11.312"W x 13"L $87 $80 $78 BEST SELLER! WypAll L40 Wipers Style Item # Color Wipers/Unit; # Units Total Wipers Size 1-2 3-6 7+ Jumbo Roll WIP5007 White 750/roll; 1 roll 750 12.5"W x 13.4"L $87 $82 $79 1/4-Fold WIP5701 White 56/pack; 18 packs 1,008 12.5"W x 13"L $142 $133 $129 Pop-up WIP5790 White 100/box; 9 boxes 900 9.8"W x 16.4"L $163 $156 $147 151 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com BUY 3 ROLLS, GET A FREE $53 DISPENSER! SEE PAGE 160.

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