Pigalog 2017 Page 148 Wipers & Rags

148 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Wipers Heavy-Duty Strong and solvent resistant for wiping machines and rough parts, but soft enough for cleaning skin or preparing surfaces Exceptional abrasion resistance and wet strength that stands up to rough surfaces, jagged edges or metal chips For heavy-duty maintenance jobs like machine wipedowns and degreasing parts Many size and packaging options (see order box below) WIP306 WIP325 Binder-free cellulose/poly blend leaves surfaces dry and lint-free. Available in blue or white. PR 70 HEAVY DUTY WIP306 PIG PR70 Heavy-Duty Maintenance Wipers Style Item # Color Wipers/Unit; # Units Total Wipers Size 1-2 3-6 7+ 1/4-Fold WIP303 White 50/pack; 20 packs 1,000 12"W x 13"L $121 $115 $111 WIP304 Blue 50/pack; 20 packs 1,000 12"W x 13"L $121 $115 $111 WIP329 White 50/pack; 10 packs 500 12"W x 13"L $91 $76 $72 Z-Fold WIP325 White 200/box; 1 box 200 12"W x 12.5"L $39 $37 $32 Jumbo Roll WIP309 White 1,035/roll; 1 roll 1,035 10"W x 12"L $89 $85 $77 Pop-up WIP328 White 125/box; 6 boxes 750 9.625"W x 16"L $117 $111 $107 WIP306 Blue 125/box; 6 boxes 750 9.625"W x 16"L $117 $111 $107 Center-pull Roll WIP333 Blue 625/box; 1 box 625 9"W x 12"L $74 $72 $69 PR70 Heavy-Duty Maintenance Wipers - Low-lint blend is our top seller for heavy-duty jobs. "This is a high-quality product with good absorbency, and tough enough to wring out and keep using all day. It can be used in places that would shred a paper towel. For durability, it's more akin to cloth than to paper." - Drew P. WIP309 Customer "wring it out and use all day." BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! Extra tough for wiping rough parts and gears WIP303 WIP309 WANT A FREE SAMPLE? CALL 1-800-HOT-HOGS. WIP333

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