Pigalog 2017 Page 146 Wipers & Rags

146 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Wipers Heavy-Duty Extra tough for wiping rough parts and gears WorkWipes Series 80 Wipers - Clothlike thickness for tackling wet jobs on rough, jagged surfaces. WIP484 WIP880 Exceptional abrasion resistance and strength, yet very soft and pliable One wiper can handle everything from scrubbing rough parts to final wipedown and inspection of machined parts Embossed texture grabs grime due to a durable hydroentangled blend of cellulose and synthetic fibers No chemical binders or adhesives that could degrade in solvents; quickly absorbs liquids to leave surfaces dry and lint-free Embossed texture helps lift dirt and grime from surfaces. WIP881 Durable, clothlike thickness handles wet wiping jobs , even on unfinished parts with rough edges Won't degrade in solvents , even during long-term contact Embossed woven texture provides extra "tooth" for removing grime when used with solvents and degreasers Low-lint construction Wipers won't shed, pill or leave behind unwanted fibers. WIP483 PR 80 HEAVY DUTY PR80 Extra-Heavy-Duty Maintenance Wipers - No stiffness here! These wipers are tough, yet soft. PIG PR80 Extra-Heavy-Duty Maintenance Wipers Style Item # Color Wipers/Unit; # Units Total Wipers Size 1-2 3-6 7+ 1/4-Fold WIP880 White 50/pack; 10 packs 500 12"W x 13"L $94 $90 $83 Pop-up WIP881 White 100/box; 6 boxes 600 9.5"W x 16"L $163 $156 $150 WorkWipes Series 80 Wipers Style Item # Color Wipers/Unit; # Units Total Wipers Size 1-2 3-6 7+ 1/4-Fold WIP480 White 50/pack; 8 packs 400 12"W x 13"L $78. 10 $73. 85 $69. 55 Flat Sheet WIP483 White 500/box; 1 box 500 12"W x 13"L $78. 10 $73. 85 $69. 55 Jumbo Roll WIP484 White 500/roll; 1 roll 500 12"W x 12"L $78. 10 $73. 85 $69. 55 BEST SELLER! WIP480 WIP881 PR 80 HEAVY DUTY

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