Pigalog 2017 Page 144 Wipers & Rags

144 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. BEST-SELLING WIPERS WE'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER. PR100 Ultra-Duty can be used all day and provide the highest levels of abrasion and solvent resistance PR60-80 Heavy-Duty provides the extra toughness you need for jobs like wiping rough parts, gears and sprockets PR30-40 Medium-Duty delivers a balance of toughness, absorbency, and economical cost per toss PR10-20 Light-Duty is made for high-volume use during light wiping or surface drying jobs PR 100 ULTRA DUTY Look for this icon - we've done the comparison shopping for you! The higher the Performance Rating (PR), the more you can expect from your wiper . Performance Ratings (PR) help you zero in on the right wiper for your job and budget. Quarter-fold stack PR 80 HEAVY DUTY PR 40 MEDIUM DUTY Pop-up dispenser box Center-pull roll PR 20 LIGHT DUTY Wipers PR70 Heavy-Duty Maintenance Wipers Low-lint blend is our top seller for heavy-duty wiping jobs. See page 148 WIP304 FREE SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE FOR MANY OF OUR WIPERS. CALL 1-800-HOT-HOGS OR VISIT NEWPIG.COM. Wiper, shop towel or rag? Follow these three steps to choosing the right one: newpig.com/wiper-rag-shoptowel-selection EXPERT ADVICE PR100 Disposable Polishing & Wiping Cloths Highly absorbent, no-scratch material stands up to solvents and harsh degreasers. See page 145 WIP230 PR40 All-Purpose Wipers Versatility makes these tough but soft wipers our most popular choice. See pages 152-153 WIP555 WorkWipes New Material Rags in Bags - White T-shirt Factory mill ends are highly absorbent and always screened for quality. See page 164 WIP551 WorkWipes Reclaimed Rags in Bags - Colored T-shirt Cost-friendly rags are made from recycled, postconsumer materials. 100% usable! See pages 162-163 WIP1301 Premoistened Hand & Surface Wipers Dual-textured citrus power needs no water to remove oil, paint, tar and more. See page 161 WIP306 WIP950

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