Pigalog 2017 Page 140 Spill Kits

140 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Instantly indicates any pH from 0 to 13 with one of 14 colors Color chart has checkpoints at each unit pH , determined by single- color match Portable kit includes color chart, dispenser and polyethylene case Effective in concentrations down to 20 mg/L! Insta-Chek Paper - When unknown liquid spills, use this paper for pH checks. Chemical Classifier Kit - Identify a hazardous chemical in 30 seconds. Kit's color-changing test strips quickly and accurately identify the presence of acids/ bases, oxidizers, fluoride, petroleums/ organic solvents and iodine/bromine/ chlorine Portable, easy-to-use kit Can be used in sewers, construction sites, landfills and other sites of unknown chemicals GEN420 PLS236 Fluoride Detection Paper - Detect fluoride ions or hydrofluoric acid. Paper quickly changes color when in contact with dangerous fluoride ions or hydrofluoric acid, whether in liquid or vapor Improve spill response safety by testing unknown liquids before cleanup or by attaching to protective suit for an instant warning Hard plastic case protects remaining strips; compact for convenient storage Chemical Classifier Kit Item # 1+ GEN420 Ext. Dia. 1.5" x 12"L $91 GEN420 Contents 6 Test Strips 1 Bobbin of Polypropylene Thread 1 Classifier Chart pHydrion INSTA-CHEK Paper Item # 1-3 4+ PLS236 0.5"W x 50'L $14. 25 $13. 55 Fluoride Detection Test Paper Item # 1-4 5+ GEN179 .75"W x 2.75"L 200/dispenser $49 $47 Oil Detection Test Paper Item # 1-4 5+ GEN180 .75"W x 2.75"L 100/dispenser $48 $46 Spill Kits Testing Supplies GEN179 GEN420 Paper quickly changes color when in contact with hydrocarbons, including gasoline, diesel, fuel, oil, lubricating oils and mineral oils Immerse in water to test for oil contamination or press to soil to check need for remediation Compact, easily stored , hard plastic case protects remaining strips Oil Detection Paper - Hydrocarbon- detecting strips show need for cleanup. Whether you use it on soil or water, if the color changes, there's oil present! GEN180 BEST SELLER!

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