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14 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Absorbents Universal Absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water Extra perforations in our Rip-&-Fit Mat allow you to easily "rip" this PIG Mat and "fit" it to your application without cutting No matter how you rip it, this mat features the proven eight-layer, 100% polypropylene construction of PIG Mat, the strongest mat on the market ! Standard mat (MAT242, MAT243) is perfed every 3 3 /4" across width and every 10" along length Extra-wide mat (MAT252, MAT253) is perfed every 10" across width and length; prefolded for increased absorbency and compact storage; unfolds to cover large areas Dispenser box (MAT253, MAT242) is easy to carry and store your mat while protecting it from dirt and moisture Unfold to cover wide aisles and walkways, or leave it folded to increase absorbency. MAT253 Tear at the perfs to create the right mat size for any area, any shape! MAT243 20" MAT242 20" 10" 30" Rip-&-Fit Rolls - Create custom sizes without cutting! PIG Rip-&-Fit Absorbent Mat Rolls Weight Item # Size Unit Abs. Up To 1-2 3-6 7+ Heavy MAT252 30"W x 50'L 2 rolls 26.5 gal./bag $141 $130 $118 MAT243 15"W x 150'L 1 roll 19.6 gal./bag $102 $95 $84 PIG Rip-&-Fit Absorbent Mat Rolls in Dispenser Box Weight Item # Size Unit Abs. Up To 1-2 3-6 7+ Heavy MAT253 30"W x 50'L 1 roll 13.7 gal./box $83 $76 $71 MAT242 15"W x 60'L 1 roll 7.8 gal./box $51 $45 $41 BEST SELLER! 4" x 150' rolls are ideal for covering long runs, narrow areas or placing in troughs; mat absorbs and retains leaks, spills and condensation to stop them from spreading into walkways 100% polypropylene resists the growth of mildew, tearing and chemicals; reduces dust and holds in liquids, even when saturated Perforated every 10" so you can tear off as much as you need Very effective and highly efficient for absorbing water; also absorbs and retains oils, coolants, grease, gasoline, solvents, auto fluids, paint, battery acid and most other liquids Choose dark gray color to hide grime so mat stays on the job longer, or hi-viz yellow for high traffic or poorly lit areas MAT4150 Absorbent Mat Roll - Catch moisture along narrow ledges or near coolers. NEW! 10" PIG Absorbent Mat Rolls in Dispenser Box (Specify Color: Gray Yellow) Weight Item # Size Unit Abs. Up To 1-2 3-6 7+ Heavy MAT4150 4"W x 150'L 1 roll 5.4 gal./box $36 $32 $29

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