Pigalog 2017 Page 139 Spill Kits

Reflective Tape for PIG Spill Kit Item # 1-4 5+ PLS2000 For PIG Spill Kits 2"W x 150'L $115 $109 SGN570 SGN566 SGN567 SGN568 SGN569 Choose from two sizes and three different compositions: Long-lasting aluminum signs offer superior resistance to abrasion, chemicals, weather, splashes and washdowns Indoors or sheltered outdoors, plastic signs are an economical choice for light-duty or temporary use on flat or slightly curved surfaces Indoors or out, Dura-Vinyl self-sticking signs provide exceptional flexibility and performance; high-gloss film resists UV rays, water, chemicals and abrasion Safety Signs - Point out spill kits and supplies with these easy-to-read signs. Easy ordering: 1. Choose a sign 2. Choose a composition 3. Choose a size Protrudes from wall for higher visibility Even from a distance, helps indicate the location of spill kits and supplies Molded plexiglass construction has prepunched holes and self-sticking tape for mounting SGN1030 SGN1032 SGN1033 (SGN1032 & SGN1033 are 10" x 14" only.) Tamperproof Seal Label Item # 1+ LBL100 For Containers w/ Lids 102/pack $36 BEST SELLER! SEE MORE SPILL SIGNAGE ON PAGES 256-258. Spill Station 3D Projection Sign Item # 1+ SGN303 15"L x 8"H $37 Spill Kits Universal Signs & Labels 139 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Floor label designates a specific place for a spill kit; increases the visibility of kit location and saves valuable response time Helps ensure that your kit is in the proper location during inspections Self-adhesive vinyl label with skid-resistant overlay withstands industrial traffic Durable, highly reflective glass bead tape maximizes visibility in any lighting Apply to floors or walls to create a designated spill kit location Printed "Spill Kit" legend repeats along length of tape Attach a tamperproof seal to container lid and sidewall to show when it's been opened Ideal for ensuring that routine cleanups don't deplete your emergency spill kits Bright yellow color is highly visible Floor Label - Reserve a floor spot for your spill kit! Spill Station Sign - Make a spill kit easy to find for quick response. Reflective Tape - Make your spill kit easier to find in dimly lit areas. Tamperproof Seals - Secure kits and containers with tamper-evident seals. SGN1061 Floor Label for PIG Spill Kit Item # 1-2 3+ SGN1061 8.305"W x 26.8701"H 2 each $27 $23 SGN303 BEST SELLER! Safety Signs Item # 1-9 10+ Aluminum 10"W x 14"L $35 $34 Aluminum 7"W x 10"L $33 $32 Plastic 10"W x 14"L $25 $24 Plastic 7"W x 10"L $20 $19 Self-Sticking 10"W x 14"L $23 $22 Self-Sticking 7"W x 10"L $18 $17 PLS2000 LBL100 PLS2000

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