Pigalog 2017 Page 128 Spill Kits

PAK4040 Includes walls, liner and absorbents. 128 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. HAWK Battery Containment Unit - System includes neutralizing pillows, barrier walls and floor liner to keep acid leaks in check. Provides spill containment for stationary, sealed or VRLA lead- acid battery systems Acid-resistant barrier walls and liner contain leaks and spills of corrosive battery acid VRLA Battery Acid-Neutralizing UL Recognized Pillows (included) change color on contact with acids or electrolytes (but not water) to indicate a spill; replacement pillows sold separately Entire system is made of non-metallic components for a wide range of chemical compatibility UL Recognized liner has Class 1 fire rating (NFPA 101) Helps you comply with battery containment regulations LISTED HAWK Battery Containment Unit Item # Size Unit Sump Capacity 1+ PAK28200 28"W x 200"L x 4"H 51 pillows 95 gal. $3050 PAK28150 28"W x 150"L x 4"H 39 pillows 71 gal. $2275 PAK28110 28"W x 110"L x 4"H 30 pillows 58 gal. $1675 PAK24108 24"W x 108"L x 4"H 18 pillows 43 gal. $1405 PAK4040 40"W x 40"L x 4"H 16 pillows 27.5 gal. $870 Replacement VRLA Battery Acid-Neutralizing Pillow Item # Size Unit Abs. Up To Approval 1-2 3+ PIL3000 12"W x 12"L 20 pillows 3 gal./box UL $395 $380 Quick-slip barrier walls with floor liner are quick and easy to install. DON'T NEED VRLA PILLOWS? CUSTOM ORDER FOR FLA OR NiCAD! CALL 1-800-HOT-HOGS. Spill Kits Battery Containment Battery Terminal Covers - Protect workers from accidental shock and avoid short circuits during battery use and maintenance. Electrically insulating post cover prevents accidental contact with workers' hands, tools or other objects Clear design lets you check posts for corrosion at a glance Section gaps promote ventilation so covers won't trap heat Helps meet NFPA 70E requirements PAK3104 PAK3100 Battery Terminal Covers Item # Size Use with Unit 1+ PAK3101 4"W x 4'L x 4.29"H Enersys Batteries 4/box $295 PAK3104 4"W x 4'L x 4"H Excide and GNB Batteries 4/box $325 PAK3103 3"W x 4'L x 3.91"H Excide and GNB Batteries 4/box $305 PAK3102 2.76"W x 4'L x 3.91"H Enersys Batteries 4/box $279 PAK3100 2.81"W x 4'L x 2.21"H C & D Technologies and BAE Batteries 4/box $275

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