Pigalog 2017 Page 127 Spill Kits

All components are attached to a hi-viz, wall-mounted board labeled "Battery Changing Area" (hardware included) Includes easy-to-read hydrometer to accurately measure acid concentration Includes gloves, goggles, faceshield and apron for protection from battery acid; also includes flashlight (batteries not included) Battery Handling PPE Kit - Wall-mounted kit holds PPE for handling leaky batteries. WPL105 Premoistened wipers neutralize battery acid residue while cleaning the surface of batteries, tools, workstations and small spill sites Wipers change color to indicate neutralization ; when wipe is completely colored, neutralizing ability is exhausted Plastic container with snap-tight lid neatly dispenses wipers WIP700 Contains, absorbs and neutralizes Pellet formula absorbs more and requires less cleanup; safe around sensitive equipment Doesn't create hazardous respirable dust or leave residue Helps reduce trickle discharges, shorts and corrosion damage; can also be used to pinpoint leaks Color-change indicators show when neutralization is complete Included spray cleaner neutralizes, cleans and degreases batteries; foam gets into cracks and crevices with no run-off Helps you comply with 29 CFR 1910.178(g)(2) (CLN1001) PLP301 CLN1001 PLP303 Battery Handling PPE Kit Item # 1+ WPL105 For PIG Battery Acid Spill Kit $137 WPL105 Contents 1 Mounting Board 1 Battery Hydrometer 1 Flashlight 1 Battery Cap-Off Tool 1 Faceshield Headgear 1 Faceshield 1 Nitrile Apron 1 Pair of Neoprene Gloves 1 Centurion Goggles Battery Acid Wipes - Color-changing cleanup! Battery Acid Neutralizing Absorbent - It's pelletized! Battery Maintenance Kit - Make your battery cleaning and maintenance safer. Spill Kits Universal Battery Handling Products 127 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Kit includes PPE, neutralizers, and nonconductive tools. See note on page 116 for more details on compatibility and testing. PIG Battery Acid Neutralizing Loose Absorbent Item # 1-4 5-9 10+ PLP303 30-lb. Pail Absorbs up to 10.5 gal./pail $215 $211 $205 PLP301 10-lb. Pail Absorbs up to 3.5 gal./pail $85 $81 $77 See note on page 116 for more details on compatibility and testing. Acid Absorbents Notice: Not for use with hydrofluoric acid. PIG Battery Cleaning & Maintenance Kit Item # 1-3 4+ CLN1001 Absorbs up to 16 oz. $177 $170 RFL1001 Refill Absorbs up to 16 oz. $127 $118 CLN1001 & RFL1001 Contents 5 Mat Pads 2 PIG Battery Acid Neutralizer & Cleaner 40 Wipers 30 Neutralizing Wipes 1 Large Brush 1 Small Brush 1 Faceshield/Headgear 1 Apron 2 Pairs of Gloves 2 Disposal Bags and Ties 1 Instructions CLN1000 PIG Battery Cleaner & Acid Neutralizer 12 - 20-oz. Canisters $96 $89 PIG Battery Acid Cleaner and Neutralizer Wipes Item # 1-4 5+ WIP700 Center-pull Roll White 30/pack 7"W x 8"L $14 $13 BEST SELLER!

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