Pigalog 2017 Page 124 Spill Kits

NEUTRALIZING SPILL KITS & BATTERY MANAGEMENT 124 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. An extra measure of safety for chemical spill cleanups. Size matters when deciding if you need to use a neutralizer. Neutralizers and neutralizing absorbents are made for spills of 5 gallons or less. If you're working with small quantities of acids or bases, neutralizers can help make these liquids safer to clean up and handle. Because the process of neutralizing acids and bases generates heat, it can also create the potential for a fire, making neutralizers impractical for large corrosive spills. Battery management must-haves! Speaking of safety, we've also put together a selection of products specifically designed for safer handling of batteries and battery acid. From specialized spill kits to cleaners and PPE, you'll find a solution on pages 125-129 to help you protect workers and comply with OSHA regulations. For battery recycling containers, see page 300. KIT322 SEE OUR NEUTRALIZING PRODUCTS ON PAGES 76-79. PIG Hydrofluoric Acid Neutralizing Kit Helps you safely neutralize hydrofluoric acid spills without generating dangerous gases. See page 130 PIG Neutralizing Spill Kit in Bucket Absorbents and PPE to help you neutralize and absorb spilled acids. See page 130 PIG Battery Acid Spill Kit Includes absorbents for cleaning up and neutralizing battery acid. See page 125 DRM167 5 gal. " I don't have time to shop all day so when we need products to meet requirements and provide a high level of reliability, we choose New Pig. I'm happy when I find a supplier like this!" - Jeffrey W. PIG Battery Acid Spill Kit Customer "Products provide a high level of reliability" KIT352 KIT399 KIT601 PIG Mercury Spill Kit Stocked with supplies for safer mercury cleanup, vapor suppression and decontamination. See page 134 KIT600 PIG Formaldehyde Spill Kit in Bucket Helps you safely absorb spilled formaldehyde and neutralize its vapors. See page 131 KIT501 BEST-SELLING NEUTRALIZING KITS

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